Grant Stoddard

Grant Stoddard

I'm a writer.

I specialize in reporting from outside of my comfort zone. I fully immerse myself in unfamiliar situations and strive to describe my experiences in a clear, relatable and engaging way.

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1489781614031 manspanx article

The Ups and Downs of Wearing Man Spanx - Tonic

For one day, my body looked totally unreal.

13legman webextra tmagsf article

T: A Leg Man

Photograph by Cedric Bihr. Fashion editor: Jason Ri...

Screen shot 2016 11 20 at 2.06.04 pm article

Can Butt Enhancement Fix My Flat Man-Ass? - Tonic

For at least the last decade, each and every year has been heralded by a consensus of media outlets as The Year Of the Butt.

2480225 article

My Girlfriend Wanted a Gangbang For Her Birthday - Thrillist


This is the one word my girlfriend blurts out when I ask what she wants for her upcoming 33rd birthday, her so-called Jesus year.

Screen shot 2016 04 16 at 5.52.59 pm article

I Paid Someone to Freeze My Fat Off, and Make Me Scream in Pain. Thrillist.

RIGHT NOW, as you're reading this, people are freezing the fat off of their bodies.

Screen shot 2014 09 13 at 4.34.58 pm article

Penthouse: Hot Spot.

Our reporter had been to plenty of sex parties before but they'd left him unexpectedly cold. All that changed when he discovered New York City's Behind Closed Doors.

Tl horizontal main article

Sex party etiquette is useful for every type of sex. Thrillist.

Almost all the best practices employed at a sex party can be applied to anyone's sex life.

451509 the walrus the lost canadians article
The Walrus

The Walrus: The Lost Canadians

One of the most
striking things separating the Unite...

1487092424609 sexcoach article

I Hired a Coach to Watch Me Have Sex - VICE

Because roses for Valentine's Day are cliché.

Tmg gift guide default article

Best Drugs for Sex, Tested: Having Sex on MDMA, Cocaine ...

There's a binary choice to make in response to the realization that you're getting older:

Bikiniwax crab article article

Has the Bikini Wax Eradicated a Scourge of the One-Night Stand ...

Has the Bikini Wax Eradicated a Scourge of the One-...

15 runningman article

United Hemispheres Magazine | Running Man

Twenty-five hundred years ago, a runner delivered news that would mark the beginning of the modern world — and with it, the Olympic Marathon. Today, one unrepentantly out-of-shape writer travels to Greece to retrace his footsteps. In the process, he finds a nation transformed. (And foot pain. Lots of foot pain.)

6 reasons why you need to take a nap.istock header article

6 Reasons Why You Need To Take A Nap | Beachbody

Take a moment to ponder the following question (after you stop ROFL, of course): When was the last time you got seven to nine hours of good, deep sleep?

19 article

United Hemispheres Magazine | The Long Walk

n 1998, a young british ex-paratrooper was at the southern tip of Chile when he decided to head home to England-on foot. Thirteen years later, he’s still walking.

Open uri20131113 28059 14tc4yo article article article

Men's Health: Bragging Right

SHE'S GORGEOUS, FUNNY—JUST your type. You've locked...