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Grant Stoddard

I'm a writer.

I specialize in reporting from outside of my comfort zone. I fully immerse myself in unfamiliar situations and strive to describe my experiences in a clear, relatable and engaging way.

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13legman webextra tmagsf article

T: A Leg Man

Photograph by Cedric Bihr. Fashion editor: Jason Ri...

18talk gidsy slide p5h8 jumbo article

T: The Paid Piper

A friend told me: “If you’re looking to make some m...

2480225 article

My Girlfriend Wanted a Gangbang For Her Birthday - Thrillist


This is the one word my girlfriend blurts out when I ask what she wants for her upcoming 33rd birthday, her so-called Jesus year.

1492031444628 abigail keenan 16897 article

Why Millions of Men Are Putting Off Fatherhood

"Did you really want kids?" I asked.

Shutterstock 566994799 500x337 article

The Sex Positions She Wants You To Try Tonight | Best Life

Some men liken sex to pizza: Even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. Those dudes are what I like to call “wrong.”

Screen shot 2016 11 20 at 2.06.04 pm article

Can Butt Enhancement Fix My Flat Man-Ass? - Tonic

For at least the last decade, each and every year has been heralded by a consensus of media outlets as The Year Of the Butt.

Shutterstock 557223739 500x333 article

5 Things Smart Men Never Say to a Naked Woman

Communication is the key to have mutually satisfying sex.

Shutterstock 506968678 article

I Took Viagra Every Day for Two Weeks and This Is What Happened

What it's like to walk through the world at full sexual charge.

Couple in underwear 500x368 article

Sex 6 Game-Changing Upgrades to Your Favorite Sex Position

Tweaks to your go-to move for entering a whole new world of pleasure.

Shutterstock 576616168 article

25 Ways to Transform Yourself into a Sex God

Bonus: You'll also be a much, much healthier man.

Open uri20170728 22079 1u889wu article

I Got Hypnotized to Have Better Sex. Here’s What Happened.

Could this form of pseudo-therapy really cure erectile dysfunction?

Shutterstock 332436671 500x333 article

5 Easy Ways to Make Sex Last (Much) Longer | Best Life

What to do in (and out of) bed to prolong the pleasure.

Pw4yjrxaoqxhdxdb2bcj article

How to Have an Open Relationship

I was in falling in love with the woman with whom I was having a transatlantic fling when she told me about her expectations for our burgeoning relationship.

1489781614031 manspanx article

The Ups and Downs of Wearing Man Spanx - Tonic

For one day, my body looked totally unreal.

04a68996f3d0b71a7da4c5331407d183  ass sexy sexy asses 1 article

The 15 Most Annoying Things He Does in Bed (And What to Do ...

Your sexual satisfaction. Chances are it’s something your partner cares about deeply, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have some really annoying habits, as well.