Grant Stoddard

Grant Stoddard

I'm a writer.

I specialize in reporting from outside of my comfort zone. I fully immerse myself in unfamiliar situations and strive to describe my experiences in a clear, relatable and engaging way.

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My Girlfriend Wanted a Gangbang For Her Birthday - Thrillist


This is the one word my girlfriend blurts out when I ask what she wants for her upcoming 33rd birthday, her so-called Jesus year.

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I Paid Someone to Freeze My Fat Off, and Make Me Scream in Pain. Thrillist.

RIGHT NOW, as you're reading this, people are freezing the fat off of their bodies.

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Sex party etiquette is useful for every type of sex. Thrillist.

Almost all the best practices employed at a sex party can be applied to anyone's sex life.

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Best Drugs for Sex, Tested: Having Sex on MDMA, Cocaine ...

There's a binary choice to make in response to the realization that you're getting older: