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Grant Stoddard

I'm a writer.

I specialize in reporting from outside of my comfort zone. I fully immerse myself in unfamiliar situations and strive to describe my experiences in a clear, relatable and engaging way.

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I dressed up as spider man in times square 2 article

My Day Dressed As A Superhero in Times Square: Scary Mommy

They can’t see it, but behind my mask, I’m smiling from ear to ear: For all intents and purposes, I’m the Amazing Spider-Man, and this is the day I realize my earliest childhood fantasy.

Smuggles trader joes into canada 0 article

This Man Smuggles Trader Joe’s Into Canada. Scary Mommy

Canada has universal healthcare, a logical system of measurement, the highest life expectancy in the Americas and—as of last year—the highest-earning middle class in the world. Here’s what it doesn’t have...

Great britain united kingdom 0 1 article

Do You Know the Difference Between Great Britain and the U.K.? Scary Mommy

You may have spent a semester at Norwich University, you may have watched every episode of Downton Abbey...

How christmas trees became a thing 0 article

How Christmas Trees Became a Thing: Scary Mommy

Last month, I wrote about how Sarah Josepha Hale constructed the modern conception of Thanksgiving and was instrumental in it being made a national holiday.

Thanksgiving in an open marriage 0 article

Thanksgiving in an Open Marriage. Scary Mommy

Kate. We met via OkCupid in October 2012. She had an agenda that night and, while I was happy to facilitate it, her cool expeditiousness left me reeling.

3 british christmas traditions largely unknown to americans 0 article

3 British Christmas Traditions Unknown to Americans : Scary Mommy

Though it’s not actually an edible item, no Christmas table in the British Isles would be complete without a Christmas cracker on or adjacent to every place setting.

Drunk and unsupervised at the united nations 0 article

Drunk and Unsupervised at the UN: Scary Mommy

My wife, the person at whom this opening gambit was directed, and I have been in the United Nations North Delegates Lounge for just seconds before it begins living up to its reputation as New York’s most flagrant and least diplomatic pickup joint.

How thanksgiving supplanted a badass american celebration 0 article

How Thanksgiving Supplanted a Badass American Celebration: Scary Mommy

Celebrating Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November is a beloved American tradition. But it wasn’t always so, and the Thanksgiving we know now came at the expense of a far cooler holiday most Americans have never heard of.

British accent seem smarter 0 article

I have a British Accent and You Don't. Scary Mommy

Mind the Bollocks.

I married her for immigration papers 0 article

I Married Her For Immigration Papers: Scary Mommy

If, like many Americans, you’ve ever bombastically threatened to move to Canada in light of what you perceive as the US lurching toiletward, take it from me: It’s probably going to be a whole lot tougher than you think.