Grant Stoddard

Grant Stoddard

I'm a writer.

I specialize in reporting from outside of my comfort zone. I fully immerse myself in unfamiliar situations and strive to describe my experiences in a clear, relatable and engaging way.

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15 runningman article

United Hemispheres Magazine | Running Man

Twenty-five hundred years ago, a runner delivered news that would mark the beginning of the modern world — and with it, the Olympic Marathon. Today, one unrepentantly out-of-shape writer travels to Greece to retrace his footsteps. In the process, he finds a nation transformed. (And foot pain. Lots of foot pain.)

19 article

United Hemispheres Magazine | The Long Walk

n 1998, a young british ex-paratrooper was at the southern tip of Chile when he decided to head home to England-on foot. Thirteen years later, he’s still walking.

The lizard king article

United Hemispheres Magazine | The Lizard King

On a quiet Island on Florida's Gulf Coast, one man wages a tireless battle against a particularly pernicious (and tasty) species of invasive reptile.

17 article

United Hemispheres Magazine | Finders Keepers

Somewhere beneath the murky waters dividing Staten Island and New Jersey, there's a missing cache of $26 million in silver bars

16 virginislands01 article

United Hemispheres Magazine | Three Perfect Days: U.S. Virgin Islands

White sand beaches and sparkling turquoise waters have long drawn travelers (and pirates, and Christopher Columbus) to these islands, but it's the friendly locals and unexpected adventures that have kept so many coming back

15 article

United Hemispheres Magazine | The Believer

It doesn't snow in Ghana. It never even gets chilly. But don't tell that to Kwame "Snow Leopard" Nkrumah-Acheampong, the sole member of the Ghana Olympic Ski Team.